Does any of your pen pals use cursive?
9:01 pm, by theplaceforpenpals
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  1. geckoh answered: Yes and so do I most of the time (my handwriting is a bit bipolar) c:
  2. pefiza answered: Yes, my penpals writes to me in cursive, but I think cursive is better , it makes you different with others, that’s my opinion
  3. katerise answered: None yet. But I do, and I can only write in cursive. :P
  4. geopoetry answered: I have a couple who do, but most of them don’t.
  5. annabellelectern said: I do, and so does one of my pen pals!
  6. whereismyquill answered: We mix it up. It’s more fun that way. Some days my cursive is superb; other days, not so much.
  7. iwaspreparedtofight answered: I think my pen pal has used cursive once, but it’s because she’s a lefty and she sort of just scribbled it haha :) I love it
  8. sherlockcat answered: yes he does and his handwriting is beautiful! green ink, oblique nib fountain pen, and lovely writing
  9. candyapplewitch answered: I write in cursive! :D
  10. abilitywithoutambition said: I write in cursive, and decided to handwrite my first letter to my new pen pal. I hope she can read it ok!
  11. teacher-lady answered: Yes, including myself! :)
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