Hi! My name is Stephanie, I am 18 years old and still getting used to tumblr! I live in Utah in the U.S. of A.

I like drawing, writing, art in general, reading and almost any type of music (I struggle to listen to rap, pop, and country.) I like to dissect horror films and jogging is a passion of mine. I love mogwai and I love to meditate.

I dislike close minded people, tomatoes, and popcorn (I know! I know!)

I would love to have an email buddy that wouldn’t mind being an art buddy as well (even if they only act as a critic for my art.) A lot of the friends I have now have kinda put a shell around me, a mold if you will, and any timel I do something that doesn’t fit the mold they get angry and I would just really like to meet someone new who doesn’t know the mold and will see me.

I can be aggressive when I am trying to protect something or someone important to me and all of my current friends don’t like to see beyond the bad girl persona but I want someone who understands my ‘layers’ (not really explaining this well at all.)

I would like someone who speaks english (other wise, I can try google translate!) Age doesn’t really matter to me as long as you would be able to handle my deeper thoughts and respond in kind. If I had to set an age limit I would say 18 - how ever old.

toasted.butter @ hotmail . com

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Looking for a Pen Pal!
Hello everybody, I’m Florencia a 17 year old girl from Argentina looking for a pen pal for the first time so, if you have lot of experience or not I would like to talk to you ! 

First, I want to share a little bit about me :

Likes and things I do !

Books: Harry potter saga, The hunger games Trilogy , The Maze Runner Saga , The ender’s game , The eyes of mind , Cathy Hopkins ones like Teen Queens and Has-Beens and more.

TV and series : Scooby Doo ( I love so much the movie Scooby Doo and the witch’s ghost) Teen Titans , Pretty Little Liars, Disney movies like : The little mermaid , Aladdin, Hercules, The princess diary 1&2.

Music: Coldplay, Simple Plan,Maroon 5 and similar.

Sport: Swimming

Languages : Spanish and English (I am about to sit for a FCE/B2)

Other likes: Youtubers,Writing,Halloween,Fall, Cooking,Cats,Drawing,Painting,Web comics,Photography … 

Random: I am a INFJ person ! the rarest type of personality in the world.

Preferences :

I prefer to be a girl because it’s my first time in this and if it’s possible someone from: Canada, United Kindom, New Zealand,South Africa or any country if you write well in English so you can teach me and tell me if I have errorsAlso, around my age (16-19) and I will like to talk by E-mail first and then by snailmail 

Contact me:  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/nobodywantstobe-normal

okay so i’ll give this penpal searching malarkey a go and try and not sound like a lonelyhearts column entry. I’m Phil and I’m the one on the right (i usually wear less tweed).

I’m a 19 year old literature student living in the UK. I’m going to try my hand at creative writing and would like advice on it. I love classic literature though I am nowhere near as well read as I would like to be. I’m a newly turned vegetarian and love cooking weird and wonderful food. My music taste is very broad. I love hiking and cycling which I fill my days off with. I save as much money as possible to travel. And I guess most of all I just want to learn about other cultures and people’s own ambitions. I’d prefer actual letters but online chat would be fun too. I really want to meet people who look at life with eyes wide open, aren’t narrow minded and are just curious I guess.

Contact me on my blog http://wander-curiously.tumblr.com

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Name:  Sina

Country: Germany

Age: 22

Likes: books, movies, my dog, music, musicals, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Disney, Marvel, History, writing and receiving letters, strawbeeries, monkeys and a lot more

Dislikes: paprica, onions, to stay up early in the morning

Looking for: I’m looking for someone to exchange snail mail with. You should be able to write at least once a month. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Just don’t be over 30 years old and maybe have some similar interests. I can write in German and English.

Contact info: berta_1992 @ yahoo.com

Random Fact: Honestly I don’t know what to write here as I don’t know all the words from any movie or ever ran into someone famouse.  

Hello, everybody out there.

My name is Anthony, I’m 24, and, basically, I’m…just looking to make some friends.

There’s a poem by Walt Whitman that I absolutely love about a spider standing on a mountaintop, and he’s so patient but so lonely, spinning thread after thread after thread after thread, casting them all out into the misty, endless emptiness that stretches all around him, hoping and praying that one of them will actually make a connection, and that’s pretty much me right now. I’ve lived so much of my life being quiet or alone or withdrawn, letting chances and people pass me without ever really reaching out to them, and to be really honest, I’m kind of sick and tired of living that way. That’s not to say I don’t have any friends or family — I do, and they’re amazing, and I am so thankful for them, but at the same time, there’s an ever-growing piece of me that longs for more, a piece that’s ready to cast its threads out into the emptiness and see who it lands. So, here I go.

I live in Florida, USA myself, but as far as I’m concerned, you can be from just about anywhere. I’m truly not picky. I actually already have a pen pal from Finland, and she’s nothing but an absolute delight.

Snail mail and email are both perfectly fine by me. I do love getting letters, but email certainly has the speed advantage.

A little bit about myself: I used to be an English education major, but I’ve taken the semester off to focus on my writing — I’m also in the early stages of writing a children’s book. Meanwhile, I’ve been with my girlfriend for more than four years, now, and I couldn’t love her more.

Things I like: Reading, writing, drawing, painting. Analyzing and reviewing stories. Doctor Who. Disney movies and cartoons of all kinds.

Things I dislike: I don’t know… The usual things, I suppose. Racists, for example, need not apply. Sexists need not apply. Homophobes need not apply. All that sort of thing. Beyond the obvious, I don’t think there’s much that would be an immediate no-sale for me.

What I’m looking for: Really just someone to share my feelings with and who can share their feelings with me. Someone to swap funny stories with — or, for that matter, sad stories or furious stories or whatever the case may be. I don’t have a preference with regard to gender or anything like that.

If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to hit up my ask box: http://k-m-anthony.tumblr.com/ask

Hello! I’m Hillary and I’m twenty-four years old. I’m a soon to be a college graduate from Pennsylvania,USA.

I’m looking for snail mail pals from all over. I would like a penpal that is eighteen years or older.

Some of my interests include reading, writing, Marvel universe, Welcome to Nightvale, Halloween, Star Wars, monkeys, dogs and so much more! 

Here is my Tumblr if you want to contact me; night—-writer.tumblr.com

Random fact: I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in two days to prove to a librarian that I could read it over a weekend. 

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Pen Pal from the UK!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jasleen, i’m 17 and i’m from the UK.

I love to talk about anything, I love reading, animals, tea & exploring, but I hate spiders, insects & rude people.

I am looking for a pen pal to snail mail, email & maybe send some packages along to the way:) preferably in the age range 15-20, and I don’t mind which gender as long as you are nice!

email me! - jasleenheer @ yahoo. co. uk
/ my insta is @j4sleen if you would like to check that out also

hope to hear from you all soon! 

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I am Luigi! I am a 18 almost 19 girl from Oregon USA!

I LOVE to dance ballroom! I am also willing to teach you a few moves over skype or something! That would be fun! May be tricky but it sounds fun!
 Anyways! I like to read, draw, write, watch anime, play video games, and cook!

I dislike mean people, vulgar, crude, swearing, alcohol, drugs, ect ect ect

I am super open-minded and friendly! I am all about positivity and happiness! :D

I am currently learning french however I would not be able to hold a conversation. I am a beginner and I am awful at it sadly. However when I am better I will totally talk to you in french!

I am looking for email buddies, snail mail, package buddies, and art exchange buddies! I rather talk first before we do snail mail or stuff like that. It would also be nice if you didn’t swear around me or swear at all! I don’t mind if you are a guy or a girl! I would like it if you were around my age! So 17-21! I will talk to anyone! Even if you are from the US! It would be cool if you are from France! However I will talk to anyone! So feel free to message me!

Random Fact: I have the first hmmm 5? 10? minutes of Back To The Future memorized by heart! So! If you want you can ask me and I will tell you! :D

My Tumblr is:



Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman!
Batman, Batman, Batman! Can you believe these are going to be stamps we can purchase?! Release date is October 9th. So excited! #Batman #USPS #USPSStamps #SnailMail #SnailMailRevolution #GothamCity

Have you heard about the Batman Stamps? Be on the look out for these stamps! I know I’ll be getting some sheets.

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Hello.! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
This’ll probably be short because I’m new to this but, whatever~

My name is Ilsa, I’m currently 15 and looking for someone to write to ^^ I live in the US, so I think it’d be really cool to write to someone outside the country, but it you live here, that’s okay too.! So I guess I’ll talk about myself a bit and try not to ramble

Likes: I really enjoy manga and anime, really just anything Japanese is adorable. I enjoy drawing and reading, but I’m not into reading books that take a long time to get to the plot, (maybe I’m impatient when it comes to books sometimes, who knows.?) I really like photography as well, and biking is a hobby of mine. I also cosplay and have gone to a few conventions c:

Dislikes: uhmmm homophobic people I guess.? Most of my friends are same sex couples and so I fully support them and I would never bash a gay guy, I mean seriously they’re the cutest things. I also have a hard time with people who don’t understand sarcasm, as most of conversation might be silly and have a hint of dark humor o:

//so basically//

All in all I’m looking for someone around my age, (over twenty is a little awkward for me because I feel I won’t really be able to relate much) any gender, willing to write back on emails or letters (I love getting mail c:) hope to hear from people.!

Tumblr: my-mind-over-matter.tumblr.com