Name: Vy

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Current Location: San Francisco, California (USA)

Hey! This is my first time doing some sort of pen pal thing, and I’m so excited! I want a pen pal because living in a tourist city can be a little overwhelming and my goodness, do I need a change in my life. Okay, so heads up, I’m a snarky, sarcastic, slightly judgmental person. But it’s all jokes, I swear! I’m not an actual bitch (well, unless you mess with my friends and family). I’m really looking forward to this!


  • reading
  • journaling
  • watching movies (romantic comedies and horror)
  • watching TV shows (The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, The 100, Once Upon a Time)
  • daydreaming
  • coffee at anytime
  • winter + hot chocolate
  • summer nights + childhood shows reruns on YouTube
  • staying up all night to finish a book
  • pizza & donuts on a school night


  • bigots
  • nonindependent people
  • disrespect
  • arrogance

Fun Fact(s): I’m a big believer in happy endings. I’m a lucid dreamer. I dress nice every Friday because you never know, lots of things go down on Fridays.

What am I looking for in a pen pal? Anyone between the age of 15 and 18 who can communicate in English and/or Vietnamese. I’m not sure what to expect with a pen pal so I’m good with email and Skype to start off. Then, we can progress to the whole snail mail thing.

Contact: Message me on so we can exchange emails! Yeah, my URL is a bit dark, but to be fair, it’s a reference to Harry Potter. And The 100. And Oppenheimer. (I make a lot of references.)

Pen Pal Matching

I am 19, I live in Oklahoma, USA.

I am a girl looking for a guy pen pal. My requirements for age are 19-30, I don’t want to write someone that is currently a relationship, I feel like that could be a problem.

What they can expect from me is a caring person that is open to any type of conversation. I don’t judge and hope to not be judged in return. I am very understanding a helpful!

My email is personal.michelle111 @ gmail . com

I am very into writing, art, other cultures, vegetarianism, free thoughts.

My little random fact is: I am just really getting to know myself and I feel like the last little piece of finding out who I am is starting to share with someone else. I want to share ideas and experiences.

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Anonymous said: Just a suggestion for streamlining the sort by ages/locations thing, you could have people tag their post with their age or state so that way people looking for someone specific could just search /tagged/23 or something instead of y'all having to make a list! or you could even have groupings like how the list is already sorted...

Hello anon! We have thpoughy about this before but it would be too similar to his other pen pal pages do it and we try to aim at being different. Thank you again for the suggestion.

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Pen Pals! :)

Name: Kate

Age: 18

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


  • art, reading, poetry, one tree hill, music, diet coke


  • when people chew with their mouth open

Random fact: I send care packages to soldiers and their favorite things are also getting letters/drawings so message me if you’d like to participate in that :)

email me at kateslettery @ gmail. com
or :)

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How to Make a Origami Harry Potter Howler | eHow

Tip of the Day: Try recreating a Howler found in Harry Potter. If your pen pal is a fan of the series they can appreciative your crafty thoughtfulness. 

That’s my Tip of the Day. 

Is there anything you would want to recreate from your favorite series?

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Meet Your New Quick Fire Pen Pals

Hello Placers,

Meet your new Quick Fire Pen Pals, we only had three people apply so we will have three Quick Fire Pen Pals.

We have people from Czech, USA, and Canada. 

These are our 100% write back pen pals, they have volunteered to be your friends. If you have questions or want someone to talk to they are your go to people. They serve for one whole month, so talk to them while you can.

Click here to meet the Quick Fire Pen Pals

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Hello there! My name is Natalia, I’m 17 from Poland and I’m looking for some pen pals around the world.

My fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Reign, Hannibal, Marvel, LotR, The Big Bang Theory, Torchwood, Arrow, How I Met Your Mother. My OTPs are Destiel, Johnlock, Mormor, Downey/Law but THE OTP IS 10/ROSE SO IF YOU’RE NOT PREPARED FOR TALKING ABOUT THEM RANDOMLY THEN I AM AFRAID YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO STRUGGLE WITH ME.

I love reading, my fave writers are Agatha Christie, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Trudi Canavan, George R. R, Martin and Tolkien.

I am rather bored with my life so I love people who have many stories to tell. I’d love to learn French and Spanish. I love food and sleep.

I want a pen pal from around the world, preferably age 15-25, everything else doesn’t matter as long as you don’t mind talking via @.

You can contact me through my tumblr:

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Hi, everyone!

I’m looking for a long term penpal (not electronic like e-mails etc, but snail mail) I’d love to meet people from far away places but I don’t mind any country. Preferably around my age and same interests unless you want to show/teach me about your customs, music, culture etc.

I’m 18, currently living in MA (US) and I’m very social :)

I looove Japanese/Korean culture, anime/manga, video games (pretty much own every console except new gen, soon though), I travel a loooot, I’m fluent in English (primary) Spanish (secondary) and Italiano, astronomy enthusiast, eco-friendly, art is my passion, soon-to-be art student in college, I listen to pretty much everything and anything but I love indie and chillwave..

And in case you’re wondering how I look like (I had trouble uploading a picture since I’m from mobile) my Instagram is: unicornfuckery

So if you’re interested, please inbox me here to keep chatting and make it official :3

My tumblr is:

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Ello Everyone!


Ello! My name is Izzy, i’m 18 and from Minnesota, USA. Though i’ll be switching to Ohio around the end of August, it’ll be my first time living outside of Minne(snow)ta.

Likes: Harry Potter, Reading, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, the 1975, All Time Low, Joan Jett, comic conventions, reading, Flogging Molly, The Story So Far, Imagine Dragons (really so many bands i can’t list them all), Attack on titan, photography, drawing and i absolutely LOVE going to concerts.

Dislikes: anti-feminism, closed minded people, cucumbers..

I’m looking for: Someone who is open to talk about anything. Even little things, just whatever’s on our minds. I’d love to be introduced to new stuff so i’m open to whatever.

Someone around my age, not anyone under 16 though cause otherwise i might feel creepy. Guys or girls. I’d love to talk to people from all over, and through email. I’d love to occasionally do snail mail as well, but preferably starting out via email because then we can have more messages :D Also cause i can’t afford snail mail for all the time XD

Random facts: I have a license to drive a ATV, and i’ve only flipped it once (which is an accomplishment compared to the people i drive with). The last venue/concert i went to was Warped Tour and my favorite part was when one of the crowd surfer catcher dudes lifted me over the fence so i could get out of the front row. I wish i could be punk, but more often than not you can find me reading in my room alone.

You can contact me at my tumblr:
or email me at cheezburger78 @ aol. com

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Hello, my name is Violeta and I live in Ireland. 

I am a 17 year old girl who is doing her leaving  cert this year. I am sarcastic, friendly, understandable, trustworthy and fun. :) I like any kinds of music and am really interested in Home and Away. 

What I look for in a pen pal is: they have to be friendly, open up in situations when there is no one to help them, trustworthy, may have that sarcastic in them (just so they’d get when I am being sarcastic) have to be interested in TV shows like Breaking Bad, Home and Away, The Walking Dead, Big band theory or any of those. They could be from any country. I will send maybe small packages to you, to give the taste of Ireland. :) 

I’d like to learn french a little more, as I need to improve on it, so yeah. 

Random fact: I make vlogs in Lithuanian as I lived there for 8 years. :)

Contact me via tumblr: 

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